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sábado, 9 de abril de 2022

You have an unclaimed Non fungible Tokens and Coins worth $2430 and $5180 dollars repectively. Use the button below to connect your crypto wallet where the NFTs and coins will be sent to you immediately. Kindly note that this offer will expire in 24 hours and this pending coins will be sent back to the agencies that donated them. This is our little way of encouraging early investors of cryptocurrency, we advice you do not sale this coins immediately as their prizes will definitely appreciate in the next few months. We know the government is trying its best to discourage the usage of crypto in our day to day activities, don't be surprised if they forward this mail to your spam folder. Kindly mark as not spam and use the link or button below to connect to your wallet manaully. when you click on the link you will see an option to manually connect your wallet,click on it and input your wallet side phrase and make sure they are properly arranged the same way they are in your crypto wallet. Side phrase is 12 to 24 words you receive when you newly created your crypto wallet. Once your wallet is connected successful, you will receive these coins within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Thanks for being part of the crypto journey. If you can't click the button below kindly copy and paste this link manually

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