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miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2022

Hello bolsaonline.publi, I am Mr.Enoch Kaye from Burkina Faso here in West Africa i have a business deal to share with you in the sum of $10.2M USD dollars that is held in our bank here in bank of Africa (B.O.A). The fund mentioned, rightful belong to one of our late client who died intestate (without a will or next of kin). Because no has applied to claim the fund and I am unable to reach out to anyone related to him, i wish to present you as his foreign business partner which will make us perfect plans for a transfer to your name. Also note, this business is risk free so you nothing to be afraid of. After transferring the fund to any of your designated bank account, we will share it thus; 60% for me and my partners here while 40% will be yours. Please reply with your details to enable me move on with the plans. REPLY TO-- ( ) Your Full Name....... Your Age&Sex........ Your Marital Status...... Your Country Name....... Your Phone Number...... Your Occupation..... Your Bank Name...... Your Account Number...... Thanks in anticipation of your positive response Mr.Enoch Kaye

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