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miércoles, 16 de enero de 2019


I am a global products purchase search agent for companies in Europe.

I am working on behalf of companies in Europe that are interested in buying (Office Furniture, Laptops, Smart-Phones, TVs, Air Conditioner, Perfumes, Lighters, Tiles Marbles, Wooden Floors, Fashion items, Shoes, Clothes, Watches etc...) from Europe. I assist them to get wholesale companies dealing on products they want to purchase. .

Please note, the selling company have to be in Europe or companies out side Europe that have warehouse supply location in Europe they can supply from.

If you have above products and your company is located in Europe or have warehouse you can supply from in Europe. Then respond for link to the purchasing company in Europe for product purchasing details.

Waiting for your feedback if you meet the criteria,

Best regards.
Tony Smith

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