Very Urgent

martes, 22 de enero de 2019

Dear sir,

All my efforts to reach you on telephone explain in details did not work out I deemed it wise to send this email from Saudi

Arabia Camp here in Syria. I am Mrs Fatima Ahmed the wife to Ibrahim Ahmed who died last week. Before the death of my late

husband he called the attention of me and my son Ibrahim Jr. He disclose to us that he has 16 Million USD cash in a save he

intended to build refinery. He instructed us never to let anybody whosoever to know about the existence of the funds. He

instructed us never to allow his brothers or any person to be aware of the funds. He instructed us to look for a trust worthy

person who can help us with expert advice and security to invest the funds in his country in an investment that can yield

income. He instructed us to offer 25% of the funds to whosoever that will help us receive the funds in his account and invest

it for us with total trust, honesty and secret. We have tried to deposit it in the bank here and use bank to bank wire it out

but all the banks here are destroyed only government banks are open and if they see this money they will seize it.

The Americans are leaving Syria with all their belongings, we are left here with little or no security protections. I have

discussed with a United Nations diplomat who agrees to help us move the funds through diplomatic cargo out of Syria to

Turkey, United Kingdom, or Ghana in West Africa. We need to know if you can handle the transaction or we look for another

person. If you can handle it let me know so that we can discuss details and finalize arrangement with him.

There is no risk involved, we are from good and respectful family we are not terrorist that is why the diplomat agree to help

and he gave 100% assurance that everything will work perfect if we move it now, we need to use this opportunity Americans are

moving their belongings out of Syria and move the funds out also.

Contact me so that if I can stop further negotiations and give you details.

Please when replying use the subject:

Attention: Mrs Fatima Ahmed

I am waiting for your reply.


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