miércoles, 29 de julio de 2020

Dear sir,

Good day and I hope this mail meet you and your family in good condition, please stay safe always.

We write to inform you that we are a lending support group with A Finance company situate in Europe and we have put together an emergency relief packages with varied investors globally to assist the companies recover expediently in the face of total global Pandemic being experienced


- Medical/ Pharmaceutical sector

- Essential Services sector

- Agricultural sector.

- Telecommunications sector

- Property sector

- Oil and Gas sector.


-Also if you deem it necessary to receive the palliative package.

We can offer a fast track loan ranging from USD 5 million to USD 1billion with very flexible collateral requirements, not more than single digit interest rate and with a loan duration of 12 to 120 months, revolving and depending on the actual loan performance.

Please indicate your interest by submitting the following information immediately.

- Loan request, indicating the full amount needed as loan

- Executive summary of business indicating your cash flow prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic

- All other documents you deemed necessary to support your loan request

Forward the above information to email below and you will be promptly attended to by one of our senior loan advisors globally.


Your prompt response will be an advantage

Thank you

Maake Martens


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