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domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2020

Good Day

I am the director of finance and supply ministry of minerals and energy here in South Africa

Tender board recently awarded contract for the supply of computers to higher institution of learning within the provinces in South Africa.This project was sponsored by the world bank education project,worth over USD$500 million under the universal basic education scheme however, The contract was over invoiced in the excess of USD$25,000,000,00.

This contractor has been paid and the outstanding surplus amount of USD$25 million is still unclaimed at reserve bank of South Africa

This fund is ripe and ready to be transferred abroad, therefore if you are willing to collaborate with me in order to move the fund to your account abroad feel free to contact me so that we can negotiate the process of the transfer and also the sharing formula. The nature of your job does not matter in this deal

Please get back to me with my private Email :

Your Faithfully
Mr. Andrew Tambo
Ministry Of Minerals And Energy

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