Auto-Charging / Voice Control Vacuum Sweeping Cleaner

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2020

Hi Sir/Madam
Good day!
Could you pls kindly check our below of latest Smart Robot Vacuum (You also can check the video introduction on Youtube:
The touch buttons make it feel very high-end. So it's very suitable for both retail and gift.
Anti-drop function makes it very safe, even you put it on a desk to clean (you can ask me for the anti-drop video)
The smart route function ('U' shape and spot cleaning) can make sure every inch of the room will be cleaned. And it also can work on the carpet. We also have testing videos of spot cleaning on carpet and "U" shape, pls feel free to ask me for them.
It can give your furniture well protected with the rubber bumper.
3-in-1 (vacuuming, sweeping and mopping) function to liberate you from housework to enjoy your life more!
Although it's a very cheap entry level item, but you can see from above introduction that it has all the necessary functions to work well.

Actually compare with high-end sweepers, the several brands already take more than 90% market, so really has no chance for others to take a bite of the cake (actually the non-famous brand's cost of high-end sweepers will not cheaper than those big brands, and the retail price is almost fixed which means the profit margin is fixed). But now there seems very empty for the cheap entry level sweepers in the market, so at least now, you might have bigger profit margin than high-end items.
So pls do not hesitate to contact me and let's make a win-win cooperation!
Best regards
Jacky Luo
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