sábado, 31 de julio de 2021

Attention pls
I am Kwame Issan, the M/D with National Westminster Bank (London) Please can you be reliable and honest to handle a confidential transaction, which involves huge sum of money we can use for INVESTMENT in your Country? (DETAILS) A foreigner (LATE LEE RUZU) an Oil and Gas Contractor, before his sudden death due to (COVID-19) CORONAVIRUS deposited with my bank USD$10.2M three (3) years ago: which, I successfully secure with instruction that it MUST be released to his BENEFICIARY.
Now, the bank expects the money to be claimed by his beneficiary. Though, many efforts were made to get in touch with any of his relative but all to no avail because when he died, not long his wife that was his beneficiary also died.  Now some board of directors wants us to confiscate the money or declare it Bank's money. This is why; I seek for your permission to PRESENT YOU as the BENEFICIARY of the fund, USD$10.2M, which would subsequently transfer into your account for INVESTMENT in any good business in your country. I KNOW HE IS NOT RELATED TO YOU BUT THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT WILL BE PERFECTED TO SUIT YOUR STAND AS THE APPROVED BENEFICIARY HENCE I AM THE BANK MANAGER.
I am assuring you 100% free from any risk involvement. Your share would be 30% of the total amount. While, 10% will be mapped out for any expenses, the balance 60% would be for me.
Yours in service
Kwame Issan,

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