Greeting From Here.

viernes, 30 de julio de 2021

Greeting From Here.

With honor and regard, am sending you this message to inform you about
my present situation here in Europe. My name is Omar Ashkal from
Tripoli Libya. I was a financial consultant and also a revolutionary
council member to the former Libya President Muammar Qaddafi.

Am here to secure my life aftermath the tragedy of the civil war that
occurred in Libya which made me to lost my three sons including my
wife during the crises. Am here on on hide out in Istanbul Turkey
aftermath the announce of my death by the present government in my
country Libya.

I have a huge sum of funds USD$50 Million Dollars secure at the
finance and loan company for investment purpose. I contacted you to
confide in you and have a silence investment under your control as my
trustee and as my beneficiary to any investment that could invested
under your control. I would await your quick responds hence i could
details you more on the fund in question.


Omar Ashka

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