martes, 20 de julio de 2021


FIRSTLINE Laboratory Inc, is one of the leading laboratories in
London, United Kingdom. We are currently in search of a reliable
supplier for a business partnership in sourcing some of our basic
raw materials used in the manufacturing of anti-viral medicines
and other life saving pharmaceutical chemical produce. FIRSTLINE
laboratory lost their supplier to this raw material few months
ago to Covid19 and it's almost halting production in the company
because this raw material is a rare herbal extract which our
company is yet to locate a new supplier to buy from with good
prices officially.

This is my PROPOSAL to you, I want you to stand in as a new
manufacturer and supplier. I will introduce you to the FIRSTLINE
Laboratory Board, This will enable us to work together as
partners and make real sizable profits. You, as the manufacturer,
will supply FIRSTLINE at a good rate which I will give in detail
when we form an MOU agreement. Our company would be happy to buy
from you urgently as against the previous rate. You will be
amazed with the total profit. I will give you more specific
details when I receive feedback from you regarding this proposal.

Asep Rakhmad

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