Hello Dear

martes, 20 de julio de 2021

Hello Dear,
With regards to the conclusion of the bilateral agreement signed with our correspondent bank, I thereby inform you about the successful arrival and deposit of your fund with us in transfer central database
The purpose of this message is to draw your attention to the fact that your fund is now with us. The various areas of needs for the successful transfer need to be look into with competent decision to get things done thoroughly.
On this note we will go through an in-depth study of your payment payment file, depending on the information you provided before us.
Therefore, I urge you to trust my skill and assure me the absolute confidentiality of this information, and I will have your fund wired via the fastest method of wire transfer, If you agree and trust my professional skill in the banking system, reconfirm your details as listed below, and I will transfer your fund as you will confirm it in your Bank account same day within 24 banking hours after or less.
Do reconfirm the following details to enable me commence the process immediately. I will furnish you with my telephone contact for further and easy communication once you reply.
Your Full Names:
Your Current Home Address:
Your Direct Cell:
Your Current Occupation:
Bank Names:
Bank Address:
Bank Account No:
Beneficiary Names:
Swift No:
Routing No:
Mr. Randal J. Rabe
Chief Financial Officer
National Capital Bank
316 Pennsylvania Avenue,
SE Washington, DC 20003 USA
E-mail: national-bank@financier.com

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