martes, 26 de octubre de 2021


My name is  Mr Ramy Said A, a personal aide to the former president
Ahsraf Ghani who abandoned his country and ran away due to the Taliban
takeover of our country.  He took only his immediate family and then
flew the country and abandoned as well and failed on his promise to
take me along. I feel betrayed by him knowing fully well that my name
is on the Taliban hit list of people to be executed immediately after
takeover control of power.

Right now I'm hiding somewhere and trying to find a way to escape from
the country. Weeks before the Taliban takeover I was able to move sum
funds out of the country in expectation that this day would come but
we never anticipated that it would come this fast.

Please, I would like you to help me secure this fund until I find my
way out of the country which is 50\50 chance right now.

The total amount is {52 million U.S dollars } and I am willing to give
you 40% of the total fund for your help. I will give more details as
soon as I receive your reply. Please help me.

May Allah Bless you.

Mr Ramy Said A

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