Letter for quotation

sábado, 30 de octubre de 2021


My name is Guy DELAISSE and i'm contacting you on behalf of our company. I would like to inquire about one of your products, I would like to have an idea about the different models, features, and options. Also please tell me about the available prices, bulk order discounts, warranty, delivery, and payment option if possible. I appreciate if you could also enlighten me on the other alternatives that might also suit our needs.
Looking forward to hearing from you


Meilleures salutations / Best regards




Directeur R&D BU Pompes



T +33 (0)4 94 10 19871

M +33 (0)  6 18 75 14 93


Pompse Pollard

189 Avenue de Copenhague – PA de Signes

83870 SIGNES - France

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