Re: Attn: Important notice about loan at an affordable rate.

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2021

Assalam O Alaikum

Hope this email finds you well and safe.

Our company loan and invest for small and large scale business that need
financial support.
Do you need funding for your business / project? We give loan at an
affordable rate. Our current rate is 3.5% and repayment up to 20 years
Also the lender offers 12 month grace period, which the borrow would not
be required to pay any interest during the said period, our
company charges 0.5% payable upon confirmation of loan amount in borrow
nominated bank account. That is our commission.
The lender does not charge any processing fees or upfront payment.
Should you wish to continue. Please get back to me.
May Allah the Almighty keep blessing us!
Have a great day
TPG Capital

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