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domingo, 24 de octubre de 2021


We are pleased to welcome you to our Early Adopters sale. After months of hard work and efforts, we are finally here to start our token sale. Vudi, is the first decentralized video e-commerce platform. A community of incentivized creators, advertisers, and shoppers.

You can learn more about the success of our technology in the Altcoin Daily video:

The Early Adopter sale is going to be conducted privately as this is not announced on any of the social media platforms. This is a huge investment opportunity as the Early Adopters token price is 0.01 Euro. Our next private round, "The seed sale" will have a price of 0.025 Euros. That would go up to 0.06 by the final round of the pre-sale.

To buy the tokens, you have to create an account in our private token sale platform.

Click the link below to buy your tokens now!

VUDI Token
Sales Team

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