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miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2022

Good day!

I know this letter may have come to you today 3/30/20229:47:46 PM as a surprise, and I also do hope that your contact email address; bolsaonline.publi@blogger.com is still in use ?

Please I urge you, try and go through this mail. I am Mr.Saphe, a Cambodian by nationality and I work in the audit department of a finance house here in Cambodia. We had a client who came into our company and deposited some funds. Unfortunately, he died without any reference to next of kin.

For many years now, no one has come forward to claim the deposited funds. In strict compliance with the applicable laws here, at the expiration of a certain period, which is a couple of months away, his deposit shall revert to ownership of the government if nobody comes forward with an application as a next of kin to claim the funds.

The fund cannot be approved for claim to a Cambodian local bank account holder nor to a local Cambodian citizen, But can only be approved to a foreigner.

Therefore; It is my noble intention to present you as the next of kin since you are a foreigner from another country, so that you and I can equally benefit from this opportunity. I assure you that the process of securing these funds would be absolutely under the legal and legitimate laws of your country and ours.

Upon my receipt of your favorable response, I will immediately make available to you all the necessary information regarding the claim process.

Thank you
With friendly greetings from

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