An Eternal Gift for Mother's Day

sábado, 30 de abril de 2022


Mother's Day May 8

Send Mom a gift that will last for generations,
capture the emotions and love for Mom in a Bottle!

Let your love for Mom shine with a message in a bottle Designed by You. Only $29.99 includes US mail anywhere in the USA.

Put some Magic into the Postal seas

Whenever you are feeling down, Please close your eyes and feel The hug within this bottle That you have just unsealed. The magic in this piece of glass Will never dissipate. If countless times you open it, It's charm won't deviate. So place it in the window Or near your favorite chair, And use this never-ending hug Whenever life's not fair. Let the unseen magic Place you in my warm embrace. The tears that shine within your eyes, It will – with smile – replace. This message, fairly simple, says You know when times are rough, The miracle within this glass Will be there, sure enough. Know that I am always with you, in both good times and bad..

                                Design a Custom Message in a Bottle                         

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