Legal services, Debt recovery, Civil/Commercial, Rental, Labor, Criminal cases, Arbitration in UAE

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2022




Our Law firm provide the following Legal Services:


  • Debt Recovery / Outstanding Recovery
  • Corporate Annual Legal Services 
  • Drafting contracts including MOU, Tenancy Contracts, Sale, Purchase & Lease Agreement, NDA, Labor Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete, Partners agreement, WILL, etc.
  • Commercial/Civil cases filing and defense
  • Criminal cases, drugs cases
  • Bounced cheque criminal cases
  • Deportation ban lifting
  • Real Estate cases
  • Rental disputes
  • Construction cases
  • Maritime Law (precautional attachment of vessels, Civil/Commercial cases)
  • Arbitration in DIAC, DIFC, Abu Dhabi Global Market
  • Labor cases
  • Insurance cases 
  • Tax cases
  • Arbitration under ICC (International Cricket Council) – Anticorruption Tribunal
  • Car/Motor Accidents claims/ Health damages recovery  
  • Support with arrested containers and goods at the Custom
  • Aviation cases
  • Information Technology and E-commerce cases
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Bank disputes and settlement, bank guarantee cheques issues
  • Checking of Cases and ban statuses in Police and UAE Courts
  • Deportation cases resolution
  • Family Law, Divorce cases (divorce settlementfinancial and material compensation, children custody, inheritance issues, etc.)
  • Legal Notices and response to Legal Notices
  • Representing the Client in matters of negotiation and settlement
  • Legal correspondence, Preparing replies to correspondence, warning, or claims
  • Investment management and Investors support
  • Investigation of Debtor's assets in India


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