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viernes, 20 de mayo de 2022


< Clothes Make the Man, Packages Make the Brand >!!

How are you?

My name is Kimbo, I'm the sales manager from WEILAN, we are a dynamic supplier specialized in packagings since 1996.

As we understand that your esteemed company works in the food industry while we supply all kinds of soft packaging for

packing coffee, pet food, juice, protein powder, fish food, rice, nuts, spices, ketchup, tea and washing liquid etc, so we do believe 

that you may need our packaging bags to pack your products.

If you are now looking for new packaging solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will always be happy to help. 

If this email bothers you, please do let us know, and we will not send any email from now on.

Hereby wish you a nice day.

Best Regards,


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Address: Building 53, Pioneer Park, #455-613, Xinke Road, Longgang City, Wenzhou City, 
Zhejiang Province, China 325802
Tel: +86-0577-59966052
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